Call for Thesis Research Lines

Call opens: 7th of November 2019
Call closes: 15th of January 2020

IMBRSea programme Master Thesis

We are very happy to announce that in September around 100 new students have started in the IMBRSea programme. Thesis are a mandatory and important part of our programme that takes place on their fourth semester of studies. We are looking for new thesis opportunities and research lines and we invite you to propose them at your institution.

How to submit thesis research lines?

Submission and advertisement of thesis research lines is organized via the Matix platform. This online tool, supported by the platform, is used to follow-up thesis and professional practices. 

Step 1: 

  • Case 1: My institute is already a Partner or a pending Partner (registered on the Matix platform but an agreement has not been signed yet) and I already have a personal account on the Matix platform: Please log in
  • Case 2: My institute is already a Partner or a pending Partner (registered on the Matix platform but agreement has not been signed yet) but I do not have a personal account on the online platform yet: Please make a personal account under your institute.You will then receive a personalized link by e-mail from Matix asking you to activate your account. Please click on this link and log in.
  • Case 3: My institute is not yet listed among the partners: Please register your institute. You will be asked to fill in a legal representative as well as a contact person for your institute, which can be yourself. You will then receive a personalized link by e-mail from Matix asking you to activate your account. Please click on this link and log in.

Step 2:

Once you are logged in, you will be automatically redirected to the dashboard. Go to the link “add thesis research lines” and submit one or more research lines via the form.

Thesis research lines must be documented with:

  • Host organisation
  • Title
  • Contact person for this research line
  • Short description of the thesis research lines
  • Language requirements
  • Specific competences required
  • Location where the thesis research will take place
  • Accommodation possibilities
  • Any additional costs to be covered by the student

What is the thesis research lines deadline?

Call for research lines: 13th of December 2019 - 15th of January, 2020

Through the Matix platform you will be able to submit a topic. Once the call is closed all research lines will be reviewed and if appropriate, published in a research lines catalogue to be made available to the students. Once published students may contact you to negotiate a research line and come to a final personal thesis research topic.

Please note that after the 15th of January we will not accept any more research lines.

Frequently asked questions: 

What are thesis research lines?

A research line is considered as a broad research field in which you would be willing to accept students for specific thesis projects. Based on the research lines, students will contact you to negotiate an actual topic.

Research line at Institute A: Marine Microbial foodwebs in Soft-Bottom habitats
This research line may lead to several student-specific thesis topics after negotiation with the students interested.

The advantage of a research line is that it can be open on the Matix platform for students for several years (if desired).

Are there financial compensations foreseen?

When accepting a student from the IMBRSea programme for thesis research, no financial compensations are foreseen. Insurance during the thesis research activities is covered by Ghent University.

More information about the thesis module of the IMBRSea programme can be found here. Also, above the FAQ, you will find a link to the thesis guidelines on pdf.

When does the thesis take place within the IMBRSea programme and how much time is foreseen?

  • Students can start with the preparation of the thesis (for example literature review, introduction, or sampling) during the second and third semesters (2019). However, this must not interfere with the students' other courses in these semesters.
  • The fourth semester (January 2020 to June 2020) is fully available for the thesis work and submission. Activities during this semester have to be supervised by the thesis promoter/supervisor.
  • The students will be encouraged to organize their thesis work in a way that enables them to submit the thesis in the first session exam period (June 2020). Only with motivated exceptions is thesis submission possible in August 2020.

Can an institution which is not an associate partner offer thesis research lines?

This is possible! However, before the thesis topic can be approved the institution should become an associate partner, by registering on the IMBRSea Consortium. This membership will be approved by the IMBRSea management board and regulated through a signed bilateral agreement.