Intranet for students

Most important Student Resources


All students receive on the beginning of their studies an email from IMBRSea. It will be used for all the communication. A link will be sent for your contact email with the link to reset and start using your IMBRSea email 

IMBRSea email: 

Student login:

All the submission of forms and choices (e.g. the 3rd semester mobility) will be made though the Student page. The login for the Student page is first your contact email and after the beginning of classes, it becomes your IMBRSea email account. You will also receive an email to set this password through your contact email before the classes start.

Student page:


On Oasis from Ghent University is where you can find your Transcrip of Records, Certificate of Enrollment, Percentiles, Certificate of Completion, etc.


Google Drive:

With your IMBRSea email account you can access your personnal Google Drive where you can store your files and also, Shared Drives with important information and resources about the Master Program. Furthermore, books and other documents for the courses on the IMBRSea Course Jukebox folder. 

Google Drive

Calendar with Key Dates: 

The Key Dates are available on the page and also on Google Calendar through this link: