Joint Shool

Cohort: 2017, 2018

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4




The Joint School is a consortium initiative, which is co-organized by all the core partners. All students registered to the IMBRSea program participate. Each partner commits to send at least one representative teacher, supporting their travel expenditures, while the rest of the cost is supported by the IMBRSea program (See budget Table).


The goal of this class is to learn how to run a scientific project from the very beginning (proposal) to the end (presentation of the results and evaluation). It aims at optimizing field observations and experimental work to explore hypotheses in coastal ecology. Teachers give so called "flash courses" (30 min) in different fields regarding techniques that students need to implement (e.g. courses in data management, science communication, research problem conceptualization, sampling and study plans, ecological modelling ...) and regarding general matters that can enlarge their point of view on the different topics they investigate. They will also be working with groups on a project they select among a list established at the beginning of the course.

The concise nature of the project allows students to consider writing a scientific communication of their main outcomes. Teachers commit to help them performing this task upon request, during the rest of the academic year. Data are not subject to any confidentiality, and are available for all students and teachers, for the time at which they were acquired and for the future sessions. Computer codes, once validated, are accessible as well.


Examination. A report about the project is written by all participants. One mark is given, which counts for 50% of the grade. The oral presentation is performed by all participants. One mark is given, which counts for 50% of the grade.
Cross-Evaluation. Each student has the opportunity to evaluate the other members of her/his group, regarding to their performance and implications in the project. This modulates the common grade.

Contact hours