Professional practice

Cohort: 2017, 2018

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Semester 4




Students will engage in a six week period of Professional Practice within an organisation of relevance to the MSc programme. During Professional Practice students will work under the guidance of a mentor in this host organisation and an academic supervisor from the partner universities.


Learners will be encouraged to arrange Professional Practice with a non academic organisation that will provide them with an experience of relevance to their future careers.

The Professional Practice should develop the learner's professional competence, increase their self awareness and help inform decisions concerning their career path.


The aim of this module is to facilitate a period of professional practice to assist students in making an informed decision concerning their career path. Through the use of a Reflective Portfolio learners will evaluate their experience in the context of the learning outcomes. Through the use of a presentation at the Annual Symposium learners will present and receive their own and their peers' experiences of professional practice. This will enhance the learners' self awareness and understanding through the process of thinking, reflecting and critically evaluating experiences of the entire cohort.


Describe how their Professional Practice experience has improved their professional competence (e.g.through an improved ability to: communicate and work effectively with others; show initiative and work independently; organise their workload and set priorities; respond to new challenges and changing situations).

Critically evaluate how they have contributed to their host organisation's objectives.

Explain how they applied previously acquired theory and practical knowledge to their professional duties in the host organisation.

Explain how their Professional Practice experience has modified their career aspirations.

Assess the effect of their Professional Practice on their future employment prospects.


This module is assessed through a combination of a Reflective Portfolio concerning individual exepriences on placement and a Presentation by learners at the Annual Symposium.
In their Reflective Portfolio learners will be expected to explain how their Professional Practice experience fulfils the learning outcomes of the module and will be expected to provide evidence to support their explanations.

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