Research Design, Data management en Data communication in Marine Sciences (Thesis Preparation - Online Course)

Cohort: 2017, 2018

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This online course offered in the format of a MOOC discusses the importance of proper project management and data- and information management for marine sciences. It gives an overview of principles, practices and marine data initiatives and networks in a global context. It also explains the project management life-cycle. In this course students learn hands-on skills going from data collection up to the delivery of ready to use data products. In practice students will gain insights in how make relational data structures, data policies, and data products such as a press release, a scientific poster, or an infographic.


The participants get an overview of what project management, data- and information management and science communication implies.
The topics handled in this course are presented via the key components of the data life cycle principle (project development, data collection, data management, data products).
1. Project management: project proposals (personal versus collaborative), research funding mechanisms (national, European), and project management principles and practices.
2. Data and information in global oceanography today (Collecting data, Research
oceanography, Survey oceanography, Operational oceanography , International
programs, agencies & organizations)
3. Scientific communication (Technologies, Metadata, Information seeking in electronic environments, Information & technology programs & organizations)
4. Information management principles (Relational databases, data centres)
5. From research proposal to derived products (data policies, data protocols,
databases, distribution of data)
6. Handson exercises (develop your research proposal, develop a data policy, develop a relational data structure, develop data products such as digital objects, press releases, posters, ...)


1. Students will understand the principle of how to design and manage a research project
2. Students will be able to properly manage research data
3. Students will be able to communicate data results in different formats

Key skills acquired

1. be able to work with relational data structures
2. be able to write a research proposal
3. be able to setup a project management plan
4. be able to create some science communication products such as a press release, a poster, an infographic


Assessment is purely based on the assignments that are created by the students during the running of the online course.

Contact hours