Sorbonne University


Summary Role

Offering internships, Offering thesis subjects

Students coming to study in the IMBRSea at UPMC are proposed to be hosted in the hosting facilities of the three marine stations and on the IRD center located in Bondy for courses proposed in the main campus of Paris. Prices for rooms and meals are regularly updated and available on line:,,

Registration at UPMC automatically triggers registration in hosting facilities, as soon as students have chosen the courses they follow. The cost is ensured to stay low, because of the financial support provided by the institutions (UPMC and Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires). However, students can favor hosting solutions outside the campuses, and find local help for this matter. A presentation is made and a booklet is provided to all students at the beginning of each semester, which encompasses all information about access map, costs and all facilities (restaurant hours, internet accesses, laundry, local shops ...).

Living Costs: