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Ghent University

Language Opportunities:

A wide range of language courses can be taken at the University Language Centre ('UCT').

See: for more information.


Sorbonne University

Access to online library, classrooms and labs, Bio2Mar Platform, Information System, and many research facilities. 

Language Opportunities:

University of Algarve

A welcome/orientation week is organized by GRIM for the foreign students in September. The UAlg main library is located in the Gambelas campus where IMBRSea teaching will take place. The library has study rooms that can be used by small groups of students. The student union organizes social, sport and recreational activities for students. For example, there is a diving club (NAS) which IMBRSea students can join. A highlight of the student year is the Semana Academica, a week of activities, including concerts, organized by the student union.

The university social services are responsible for the student residence and canteens. Students have access to university medical staff.

Upon registration, students are given a student number and password allowing access to the electronic tutorial (Moodle) where class material is available. They can also access electronic databases (e.g. Web of Science, Science Direct, etc.).

Language Opportunities:

A Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PFL) Summer Course is offered in July (60 hours; 5 ECTS), with different proficiency levels:

  • Basic User A1 (Breakthrough or beginner): students with no knowledge of Portuguese;
  • Basic User A2 (Way stage or elementary): students able to express basic phrases in Portuguese;
  • Independent User B1 (Threshold or intermediate): students with intermediate knowledge of Portuguese and able to communicate and interact in simple and everyday matters;
  • Independent User B2 (Vantage or upper intermediate): students able to communicate with a degree of fluency, complexity and detail with Portuguese native speakers;
  • Proficient User: students in command of the Portuguese language and proving fluency in communication and work related contexts. Students who aim to deepen their respective knowledge concerning Portuguese discursive structures.

During the first semester, students can take a Portuguese as a Foreign Language course for 6 ECTS along the 15 weeks of the semester (September to December). As with the PFL Summer Course, students are first tested before placement in the appropriate level. The cost of the PFL course is 100 euros and includes the books.

University of Oviedo

The International Graduate Centre (IGC) of the University of Oviedo is a hub for graduate education in our institution. The Centre is one of the key elements of the Campus of International Excellence and coordinates the whole offer of graduate studies including Masters’ Degrees, PhD programmes, specific degrees and continuing education. 

The Service Centre for International Students within the IGC provides advice and full support to applicants and registered students. They inform about the facilities offered by the University of Oviedo, provide guide and help to solve all administrative and academic issues.

The University has got also a Unit of International Relations (, that provides additional personal support in all practicalities (accommodation, sports, travel information etc) to international students attending to the School courses, as well as to outgoing students.

The University of Oviedo has specific support schemes to support students with special needs: the office for students with specific educational requirements (ONEO). Special attention will be paid to those students with special educational needs due to physical impairment. Every facility is designed keeping in mind accessibility for physically impaired students. A student advisor will be responsible of analyze any particular situation and look for the right solutions.

The University of Oviedo also foments the a•dUO program. It matches together an international student with a Spanish student in the same campus preferably, in order to facilitate the integration of the international student in the university life. Foreign students arriving at the University of Oviedo starting in September will discover how a-dUO makes it easier for them to find their way around the region's cities, find lodging, use public transportation and adapt to Asturias.

When IMBRSea students are inscribed in the University of Oviedo they receive the username and keys that facilitate the access to all University online services, as well as a student card that serves for obtaining discounts in transports, cinemas, museums and varied activities at regional level. For helping with the courses, providing materials online, communicating with the teachers and other issues of academic life there is the Virtual Campus where every course provides all the necessary information and material. It is a channel for easy and direct communication among teachers and students.

In each Faculty, as well as in the International Graduate Center, Welcoming and Orientation Days for international students are organized each year. The dates are generally in the first week of September. In these days they are fully informed about the university life, facilities, contact persons, offices, and are invited to visit the Departments and Services of the University. The date of Welcome Days is published the previous month in the website of the University of Oviedo. The international students are personally invited through their UNIOVI email address.

Students of the University of Oviedo are associated in diverse student associations

The Library of the University of Oviedo is entrusted with facilitating access to the necessary information for conducting research, contributing to the carrying out of teaching activities and fostering study habits among the university community. It comprises the Central Library and fourteen branches distributed over the University's different campuses. It has a collection of over 850,000 books, 14,000 issues of scientific journals and several thousand copies of other documents, such as microfilms, videos, sheet music, maps, CD-ROMs, etc. The Library's digital collection comprises more than 60,000 electronic resources, including books, journals, databases, electronic platforms and library portals. The catalogue that includes all these publications is accessible via any computer connected to the University of Oviedo network or to the Internet.

Many activities are organized that facilitate the integration of students in the cultural life of the region. These are organized through the Vice-rectorate of University Extension. The University of Oviedo has traditionally been one of the cultural drivers in Asturias. Through its University Extension scheme, the academic institution programmes an intense schedule of free activities that place music, theatre, talks, exhibitions and films within everyone’s reach. Workshops of theatre, a class of Scientific Thinking, a Debate league, music events, courses of jazz and many other activities are organized, totally free, and international students are especially invited to join them. More than a century ago now, a group of intellectuals from the University, known as the Oviedo Group, conceived University Extension as a way for the university to reach out and make knowledge accessible to all of society. Its legacy spread throughout Spain and Latin America and universities nowadays play an increasingly active and important role in cultural life. With the mission of building bridges and strengthening ties, the University of Oviedo collaborates with different public and private institutions to organize diverse events throughout the year, endeavouring to reach all corners of the region. Located in the University's Historic Building, LAUDEO Cultural Centre (so-named after "La Antigua Universidad de Oviedo", i.e. The Old University of Oviedo) provides a unique setting for many of these activities. This landmark property houses exhibitions, talks, debates, academic events, film cycles and teaching activities in many of the specialized classes open to the general public, in addition to other activities held each year on the occasion of the Prince of Asturias Awards Ceremony.

Sports are centralized in the Sports Service. The University of Oviedo boasts sports facilities in the three cities where its campuses are located. The academic institution's sports facilities place a wide range of disciplines with full amenities at the disposal of students and staff. In addition to the facilities located on campus, the University also has a university hostel with affordable prices in the winter resort of Pajares for all fans of the mountains and skiing. All administrative services are centralized in Oviedo. There is an outdoor stadium with a synthetic athletics track, a synthetic running track, a soccer field, a five-a-side football court, tennis court and throwing area. The building that houses the heated pool has other amenities, a men's sauna and another for women, a multipurpose hall and a fitness-gym. Finally, in addition to the multisport arena, the indoor sports facility houses administrative offices and a hall of residence for sportsmen and women.

Asturias offers the visitor a privileged enclave in which to live, with tremendous historical, cultural and natural heritage. The region is considered one of the safest in the country and is able to strike that exceptional balance between urban life and the spectacular natural landscapes the cover its entire territory. 

Language Opportunities:

Language courses are offered for Erasmus students especially tailored for them. They are in the University of Oviedo offer within Transferable Skills. In addition there are other types of courses (initiation, advanced, proficiency) of Spanish and many other languages. EU and non-EU, in “La Casa de las Lenguas” ( The main objectives of La Casa de las Lenguas are boosting the linguistic offer aimed at the foreign students who each year conduct their studies at our university and improving the formation in languages of the university community and, by extension, of the Asturian society. It is, therefore, aimed at two main lines of action: one devoted to teaching Spanish to foreign students and another one focused on teaching languages and lending translation services and language tutoring.

La Casa de las Lenguas organises eight different types of courses of Spanish of varying duration:

  • Spanish for Beginners
  • Spanish Language and Culture
  • Intensive Spanish Course for University Exchange students (Erasmus, Socrates, Tempus students...)
  • Intensive Summer Courses
  • Spanish as a Foreign Language Exam (DELE) Preparation Course
  • Spanish Courses for Specific Purposes

In the Spanish Language and Culture courses, students can choose five areas from a selection of nine subjects taught by specialists whose contents are structured around issues such as Grammar within a communicative context, Vocabulary, Phonetic Correction, Spanish Literature, Latin American Literature and Culture, and Spanish History and Art. Classes are held in the morning, Monday through Friday.

Many different levels are offered that, in each course, will adapt to the specific needs of the aptitude demonstrated by the students in the classifying exams:

  • Autumn Course (October-December): 5 language levels: Intermediate I (A2), II (B1), III (B2). Advanced I (C1) and II (C1.1)
  • Spring Course (January-May): 5 language levels: Intermediate I (A2), Intermediate II (B1), Advanced I (B2.1), Advanced II (C1) and Advanced III (C1.1)
  • Intensive Course from May to June: 3 levels
  • Intensive Course July: 8 levels
  • July Hispanic Heritage Course. C1 and C2
  • Intensive Course August: 5 levels

La Casa de las Lenguas of the University of Oviedo offers 63 courses in eleven different languages: German, Arabic, Asturian, Chinese, French, Modern Greek, English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Sign Language and Portuguese. The courses may be taught by one or more teachers, all of them specialists in each of the different languages offered. Upon completing the course, the students who have attended at least 85% of the classes and pass the final exam will receive a Certificate of Academic Progress. The rest of the students will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

A complete course (two terms) costs 275€ (prices may change each year according to standard life cost oscillations in Spain)

Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

The International Office and the programme team responsible for delivering IMBRSea will help prepare students coming to GMIT and will provide an orientation week in GMIT. Students will also be provided with an orientation pack on arrival at GMIT and will be met by the International Office and the Programme Chair at GMIT Dr. Ian O’Connor.  In addition, the Programme Chair and the International Office will assist with student registration, provision of access to ICT facilities and the Library facilities. The is an International Student Society that welcomes students and organizes social events and trips for international students.

The GMIT Students Union has a range of staff and services that are available to incoming international students and they will meet with the students and provide them with information on the services and supports on offer. In addition the Students Union acts as the central hub for all student sports clubs and societies.

GMIT Student Services provides all students with access to medical, counselling, career development and chaplaincy services. It also facilitates supports to students with significant financial hardship and students with disabilities. You can also check a short video describing information on GMIT student services.

Language Opportunities:

GMIT offers language training in French, Spanish and German. These are included in the cost of tuition at GMIT.  GMIT also offers language training in Irish, but for intermediate users only.  Students enrolled in IMBRSea at GMIT will have extensive opportunities to engage with staff and students that use English either as a first or second language. The nature of much of the programmes is such that there are considerable amounts of group discussion, interactive role play and presentations; where students use English as a second language this provides them with the opportunity to improve their fluency and confidence.

Polytechnic university of Marche

The International Relations Office will be happy to offer all services available to international students at UNIVPM. All the information about Help Desk Online, University libraries, University Sports Committee, NewsLetter, loans, Internet services, Conventions public and private transport, Wi-fi can be easily found visiting the page "Resources and Utilities for students".

UNIVPM is present on the main social media with a new itinerary to discover.

The aim is to create a participated and interactive space, with the certainty that this will improve the possibility to meet and grow in a society more and more complicated.

Language Opportunities:

The University Language Centre (CSAL) at UNIVPM is a point of reference for all foreign language studies. The Language Centre organizes Italian Language courses, which are free of charge for all incoming international students at the UNIVPM.

Various courses (beginners, intermediate, advanced) are organized each year at the beginning of both the first and the second semester.

More information on the web page

University of Bergen

At UiB the Division of Student Affairs hosts an International Admissions Team that handles all international students, including Erasmus students, and helps prepare for coming to Bergen. Application for accommodation is usually made through this portal. MSc students have additional support from BIO department study advisors who have extensive experience in support and orientation for international students.

At the beginning of each semester, the international office also hosts a Semester Startup Help Desk to answer questions and offer general campus guidance and assistance in using UiB's online services. They are responsible for welcoming of new students and handing out welcome information envelopes, giving guidance on semester registration and how to obtain an ICT user account, assisting with signup for residence permits if needed. A FAQ is maintained by Student Affairs, and useful tips for preparation and arrival are collected in special pages for new students. Orientation days are also organised by the university to help students settle into the city and get introduced to local culture.

An International Students blog also gives prospective and new students important information and insight into what is needed to come and study at UiB and what to expect on arrival and to have the best experience possible during the stay. 

Language Opportunities:

UiB offers language learning based on a language exchange programme called Tandem. This is available for all international students studying at UiB, Norwegian students who plan an exchange semester abroad, foreign language students, or any UiB students who want to improve their language skills. The Tandem language learning is simply based on language exchange through communication and interaction between two students speaking different languages. There are also formal courses in Norwegian offered to exchange students, and some formal courses in English language proficiency. These are offered free of charge, as part of enrollment for the semester.

The teaching practices in the specialization practices offered by UiB promote active learning with many team-based learning activities. Students have often noted in course evaluation surveys that they experience a significant improvement in their confidence and competence in English language as a result of their studies at UiB. 

University of the Basque Country

International Relations Office:

The Vice-Rectorate for Postgraduate Studies and International Relations of the University of the Basque Country aims to promote the internationalisation of our institution by managing all exchange programmes running in our university and supporting the students, teaching staff and researchers that visit us for educational, tuition or research purposes. We aspire to create a non-discriminatory, multicultural institution that provides excellent education and research opportunities for our community. Its website intends to help visiting students plan their stay and provide them with all the information and resources they might need. Help Centre offices are available in our three campuses.

Reception services:

Our Buddy programme pairs local volunteer students with international visitors to provide them with a personal support by a peer. Beyond the practical assistance granted to visitors, this programme´s major benefit is the number of long-lasting friendships that arise from different encounters. We kindly ask our visitors to fill in their Buddy request only when they have confirmed their arrival at the University of the Basque Country.

Every year, mid-September, we hold welcome ceremonies for our international visitors in our three campuses. Our Help Centre staff will inform you of the exact date and venue of our ceremonies, orientation sessions and other activities organized by students' associations. 

Medical care:

  • Medical assistance in Spain for EU residents: European nationals should obtain their European Health Card before leaving their country. This will enable them to get medical assistance by the Local Healthcare, OSAKIDETZA. We additionally recommend our European visitors to have their own medical insurance covering travel accidents, theft and subsidiary civil liability.
  • For non-EU visitors, it is mandatory to be covered by a private medical insurance valid for the length of their stay. The insurance should at least comprehend accidents, medical expenses and repatriation. Please, contact your closest Spanish Embassy to find out more about medical insurance conditions required to get an entry visa. There are many different medical insurances you can purchase. In observance of equity principles, we cannot recommend a particular private medical insurance, but we may mention these few for you to choose the best adapted one to your profile. Feel free to further investigate for other companies: Health Plan Spain, Mapfre, Generali and Global Arcadia.

Other medical service available at the UPV/EHU is the Dental Care Centre at the Campus of Biscay; this is open to the public throughout the academic year.

Supporting study:

  • Computer rooms to be used with our /your own devices. Printing and scanning available.
  • Cyber amenities: All of our community members enjoy a certain number of computer amenities when registering at the UPV/EHU: e-mail account, computer room access, free wifi service all over the campus and corporate information network access.
  • Library: The library at the University of the Basque Country comprises the central library in Leioa, the Koldo Mitxelena library in our Campus of Araba and Carlos Santamaría in the Campus of Gipuzkoa. You can alternatively make use of other bibliographical resources available within our Faculties and Schools. Our library collection sums up over 1 million books, 17,000 magazines, 6,400 electronic publications, 88 specialized databases and 10,800 audiovisual materials.
  • Laptop lending services and room reservation for teamwork available.
  • E- Learning (Our Virtual Campus): Many academic programmes include online assessed coursework. Our Virtual Campus is often used as the primary way to provide students with additional learning material and sometimes as a valuable supplement to physical lectures.

Sports service:

Visitors at the University of the Basque Country can benefit from significant discounts in local gyms, take part in specially organised sport activities and sport courses (surf, aerobics, tennis, basketball, martial arts…) or enroll on a number of competitions as full members of our community.

Students with special needs:

Tailored support is offered to all members of our community with special needs:

  • Various support products provided
  • Magnetic loop available
  • Adapted study-positions at libraries (joystick and magnifying glass)

Our Students with Special Needs support service works on an individual, fully confidential way. For our professionals to assess your needs, please contact:

Servicio de Atención a personas con discapacidad

Psychological support unit:

An international experience can imply a certain cultural shock and moments of frustration, homesickness, anxiety. If you feel some extra help would do you good, contact our Psychological support unit and attend the free sessions available for our students.

Student associations:

  • Erasmus Bilbao
  • AEGEE Bilbao
  • Club Anyway (travel club)
  • Engineers without borders, Architects without borders, and many others
Language Opportunities:

Université de Bretagne Occidentale

Access to a free student medical center.

Access to 13 libraries holding 437 000 volumes in their collections. Some libraries remain open until 10 pm. The La Pérouse Library, located next to IUEM, specializes on marine related documents.

Student associations offer an array of social and cultural experiences.

International students’ associations are involved in welcoming Erasmus+ and international students. An array of events is organized every year by both UBO and the city council to welcome international students, such as a boat tour, a welcome cocktail, the international students’ night…

Students have unlimited access to sports facilities and classes ranging from football to climbing: free of charge/included in the “Student and campus life” contribution (IMBRSea students are not concerned by the payment of this contribution).

Language Opportunities:

Graduate students enrolled at UBO have access to:

It is also possible for UBO students to prepare and take official language certifications (TOEIC, DELF, etc.)


Université Côte d'Azur

General information will be provided to the IMBRSea students during the welcome day.

Other information:

Support Unit for Students with Disabilities

In case you need accommodation for exams (extra time, secretarial exams, specialized equipment, individual rooms ...) and/or your studies (taking notes, tutors, accompaniment, various helpers ...), contact: The staff of the Unit will tell you all the steps to take and will provide you with all the documents you need to set up the facilities.

ATTENTION: It is important to inform us as soon as possible so that the arrangements (studies, exams) can be organized, validated, and put in place on time (before end of June for Semesters 1 and 3 and end of November for Semester 2).

Language Opportunities: