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Contact Info
Katie O'Dwyer
Coordinator Atlantic Technological University - ATU
2016-2019 GMIT - Diploma in teaching and learning
2012-2015 - PhD graduate from Zoology, University of Otago - project focused on marine trematode parasites
2008-2010 - BSc Hons (Zoology), First Class Honours, University College Cork (Ireland)

Katie O'Dwyer is a lecturer and researcher at Atlantic Technological University (ATU) in Galway, Ireland. Her research focuses on better understanding host-parasite interactions and disease ecology. To answer questions on animal disease and parasite infection Katie works with a variety of systems including marine crustaceans, fish and birds.

Katie has worked with a wide range of stakeholders on research projects and science communication, including a broad geographical spread. She pursued a PhD examining trematode parasites of intertidal snails at the University of Otago in New Zealand including time spent working with researchers in Australia and the Czech Republic. Katie then moved to Canada to undertake a postdoc position examining animal stress and parasite infection at Ryerson University.