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Second edition of our Annual Symposium starts today!

At the end of each academic year, students, teachers and employees of IMBRSea come together at the 'Diving into Marine Minds' event to exchange results and experiences with each other. Master's students are given the opportunity to present their master's thesis to their fellow researchers.

This year, due to the corona crisis and the effects of that on the student's researches the symposium was organized in two different sessions completely online.  It is now also a opportunity open to anyone interested in learning more about our oceans!

The Diving Into Marine Minds takes place from Wednesday 8/26 to Friday 8/28. Thesis presentations will happen all day today and tomorrow. On Friday we have an online graduation celebration. Awards for best thesis, best presentation and best professional practice will be presented during the graduation, finalizing the academic year for all our students. 

The event is free and registration is not necessary. View the full program here