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rue de l’École de médecine 21
75006 Paris

Sorbonne University - Paris

Sorbonne University-SU is a European and global university, actively engaged in the most important issues in contemporary society, and it contributes to the advancement of knowledge on an international scale. SU supports the development of an intercultural context for its students through an internationalization of its academic programmes.

As a European university, SU plays a leading role in the development of European education and research and is deeply involved in the principal European networks of the ‘knowledge triangle’. Marine sciences at SU is an important component of the education in environmental sciences bringing faculties of multiple origins to educate on interdisciplinary subjects. IMBRSea fully participates in this internationalisation of both students and faculties. The program is held entirely in the three marine stations of Sorbonne University which are in RoscoffBanyuls, and Villefranche sur Mer.

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