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Appeal Procedure

At the end of each selection stage applicants have the possibility to appeal against the decisions of the IMBRSea Selection committee.

You cannot make an appeal against the outcome of your selection status, the appeal can only be made against the selection procedures followed.

The IMBRSea Coordination Office will be responsible, on behalf of the IMBRSea Selection Committee, to inform the applicants about the outcome of the selection phase before the end of March 2023  for applicants that applied in the first application round. Applicants have the right to appeal within 15 working days from the publication of the selection results on the IMBRSea website and the notification thereof by email to all applicants.

The IMBRSea Appeal form should be completed, signed, dated and send by email to

Once the IMBRSea Coordination Office receives the appeal form, the sender will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail. The appeal will then be investigated by the IMBRSea coordinator and the IMBRSea Coordination Office and if needed extra feedback will be obtained from the IMBRSea Selection Committee.

Within 20 working days, the appealer will receive the outcome of the appeal with the reasons for rejecting or accepting it.