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Green biotechnology and intelligent mariculture

Semester 3

The unit will focus on the expected changes in society and technology, ranging from the shift in the supply of resources, the growing need for efficiency and sustainability of the production systems, changing consumer perception and behaviour and changing mariculture systems and practices. Many of these changes are expected to speed up the transition from a fossil-based to a bio-based economy and society. The module provides an understanding of the use of raw materials such as water, energy and land/coastal waters in industry and transport. It lays the foundation for further in-depth studies of ways in which biotechnology can support recycling, reuse of existing materials and in the generation of new supplies of raw materials. 
During lectures and workshops, the following topics will be covered :
Chapter 1:  industrial sustainability
Chapter 2: risk (perception and assessment)and  safety in biotechnology
Chapter 3: environmental impact of biotechnology
Chapter 4 : integrated agri-aquaculture systems (IAAS).