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Practical applications of relating Sea and Society

Semester 3

The course comprises of an independent study in which the student will investigate a particular topic related to the themes in the course “The Sea and Society Relationship: Historical Perspectives, Present Status and Future Challenges”. The student will carry out an individual project within a period of two weeks. The completed project is presented in the form of a written report. After completion of the course the student is expected to be able to integrate knowledge from two or more disciplines in the same study, and understand how theoretical knowledge within the field of sea and society relationships can be applied in a chosen project.

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  • Practical applications of relating Sea and Society (3 credits): November 2 – 15     

      Calculation of Exam Mark

  • 60% of the score will be given based on the student’s report (in writing), their performance and activities. At the end of the course the students will organise a workshop where they will present publicly the results of their experience. Their oral and/or poster presentations will count for 40% of the final score.