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Old Dublin Rd

Galway Mayo Institute of technology

GMIT develops life-long learning opportunities through teaching and research, by supporting regional development consistent with national higher education policy. The university conducts applied research to inform the sustainable management of aquatic living resources in the following areas:

  • Sustainable management of fisheries & their ecosystems:

Early life history and stock identification, Biostatistical and Quantitative Ecology, Biostatistical advice and analyses from local to national and international investigations. MFRC integrates both biological/ecological and statistical expertise in cross-disciplinary applications.

  • Conservation of marine biodiversity:

Marine mammal research in marine bio-acoustics; including the development and testing of technology for bioacoustics and monitoring ocean noise

Population assessment for small cetaceans, and the distribution and feeding ecology of baleen whales and basking sharks.

  • Environmental toxicology:

Development of technologies for the detection and measurement of the effects of novel pollutants. Development and testing of novel biomarkers.

  • Innovative technologies to optimise seafood production:

Characterisation of physiological responses in crustaceans.

Elucidation of inflammatory biomarkers in seafood species.

Development of immuno-stimulants for the improvement of fish health in aquaculture.