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Scuba Diver Level 1

Semester 1

This course has an extra cost, which is not included on the tuition fee!

This is an introductory diving for beginners, taught by the Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR) dive instructor, that is based on lectures and exercises, with practical training in swimming pools and in the sea. The student will acquire the fundamental skills and proficiency for safe diving and will qualify for the PADI Open Water Diver certificate.

This course is a prerequisite for more advanced diving courses also offered (Advanced Open Water Diver and Scientific Diving).

Demonstrate a safe demeanour and proper attitude
Demonstrate proficiency with the following fundamental skills:
Pre‐dive sequence:

  • Two propulsion techniques
  • One manoeuvring technique
  • Buoyancy variation less than 1.5 meters from target depth
  • Trim not to exceed 30 degrees from horizontal
  • Basic 5 scuba skills
  • S‐drill
  • Valve drill
  • SMB deployment
  • Basic 5 rescue skills

Demonstrate appropriate situational awareness
Demonstrate capacity in working well as part of a team
Demonstrate capacity with respect to diving academics, dive planning, and pre‐dive procedures
Complete all knowledge assessments


Course Contents

The PADI Open Water is designed to develop the essential skills required in all sound diving practice. This course provides the non- diver with an opportunity to develop fundamental diving skills that will support comfort, confidence, and competence in the water. This course also provides a solid diving foundation for individuals with aspirations for more advanced diver training. Learning to function efficiently in an alien environment and to handle scuba equipment requires time, dedication, quality instruction, and progressive learning. It is the objective of this course to make students the best divers they can be at a recreational/entry level, developing competence in the following areas:

  • Aquatic Comfort
  • Competency while managing diving‐related
  • Academics
  • General health and fitness
  • Proficiency with fundamental skills
  • Safe‐diving demeanour; ability to support a team‐
  • Diving philosophy
  • Ability to assist a dive buddy; proficiency in basic, Rescue skills, Appropriate situational awareness, Clear understanding of standardisation, Environmental awareness.


Final Competencies

1  This is an introductory course for beginners that is designed to develop the essential skills required for safe diving.

2  The students will qualify for the PADI Open Water Diver certificate and will be prepared to continue with more advanced diving courses offered (Advanced Open Water Diver and Scientific Diving).

3  To get basic training in SCUBA diving in order to obtain the PADI Open Water Diver certificate.


Additional Information regarding teaching methods

  • The methodology will be theory classes with power point.
  • Theoretical exercises focusing advanced dive planning will be done with all students in an interactive manner.
  • Out of the water practice of the future in water skills.
  • Underwater practice after teacher demonstration.
  • Repetition until mastery is obtain.


Further course information can be found here:

There is a limited number of places for each course in the first semester.  Students should contact the Diving Centre as early as possible to guarantee their place.