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Modelling for Quantitative Management of Marine Resources and Ecosystems

Semester 3

Courses are proposed on a 3-week basis, and organized in such a way that they alternate lectures (20h) and practices (40h + personal work). Lectures are associated with material to read for personal work, as a function of specific requirements or interest.
First Week :
- Introduction to Modelling
- Basic Choices
- Basic Mathematics
- Introduction to programming
Second Week:
- Defining Projects
- Modelling Biological entities, their adaption and evolution.
- Modelling population dynamics
- From individuals to populations and communities.
- Tools for managing resources in an adaptive and evolutionary context.
Third Week:
- A look back at ecological systems, with system theory
- Modelling ecosystems (on earth and outside)
- Defining Ecosystems and modelling their evolution.
- Tools for managing nature with an ecosystem-based approach. 
Personal or group projects are developed in order to put in practices what is learned from the classes.