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Dynamics of marine biodiversity and conservation

Semester 3

1.    Introduction to marine biodiversity: definition of marine biodiversity, the different biological levels and different scales of marine biodiversity; the current and past states of marine biodiversity; main threats on marine biodiversity
2.    Methods to measure marine biodiversity
a.    Methods to measure α diversity
b.    Methods to measure β diversity
c.    Methods to measure taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity
d.    Methods to measure functional diversity
e.    Methods to estimate species richness
f.    Methods to measure genetic diversity
g.    Taxonomic sufficiency and surrogacy
3.    Species identification and delineation
4.    Methods to assess micro-organisms biodiversity
5.    Links between marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: concepts, theories and new challenges
6.    Impact of climate change on marine ecosystems: the case of the plankton organisms
7.    Impact of fisheries on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning