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Histology and histopathology of aquatic animals

Semester 2

1. Lectures: Comparative histology of marine invertebrates. Normal histology of molluscs. Normal histology of fishes. Basic principles in biopathology, histopathology and parasitology. Molluscs: general histopathology, toxicopathology, neoplastic lesions, natural variability and temporal trends in histopathological lesions. Fish: general histopathology, mechanisms of chemical carcinogenesis, carcinogenic lesions. Histopathology in ecosystem health assessment: quantitative histopathology, quality assurance, monitoring programmess

2. Practicals: Histotechnology preparation of samples. Microscopical examination of molluscan tisúes. Microscopical examination of fish tissues. Histopathological examination of marine molluscs. Histopathological examination in fishes. Navigating trough the web in search of data bases and images of aquatic animal histopathology

3. Workshop on toxicological pathology (mini-symposium)