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Labs in Biotechnology

Semester 3

This course is designed to educate technically competent students and prepare them with applied bioscience skills for an academic or industrial environment. It aims to provide students with laboratory skills in biotechnology and provide them with theoretical knowledge that can be linked to practical situations stimulating independent work. The students are provided with protocols and then develop their work, managing their time and identifying potential problems and solutions. The course is in the scope of biotechnology and integrates multidisciplinary approaches to problem solving including a wide range of fields: biology, chemistry, microbiology, mathematics and biochemistry. It will provide students motivation to translate knowledge to beneficial applications to advance new horizons in the BLUE and GREEN BIOTECH fields.
The course is divided in two modules and the concepts underlying I-Recombinant protein production and functional elucidation, including proteomics (the generation of recombinant target proteins) and in vitro cell culture assays (for screening protein functions); II- Plant bioactive compounds analysis, including extraction, quantification and evaluation of biological functions, are developed. Students will work in small teams and carry out the work plan autonomously and discuss the methodological approach, results, failures and solutions. Skill level is established in informal tutorials that precede the practical exercise.

Final Competencies

1  Understanding of the scope of biotechnology and the meaning of sustainability.

2  Development of bibliographic search skills to solve practical problems and/or to improve understanding of the methods used.

3  The capacity to critically reflect on experimental data and the results obtained, and identify problems and propose strategies for their resolution.

4  Elaborate a scientific report with the results obtained organised, present and discussed in a clear and objective way.

5  At the end of this curricular unit students should be better prepared to develop lab work autonomously. Also, the evaluation requires that students establish basic notions about preparation of a scientific report and develop scientific communication and discussion skills.


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