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Sustainable Bioprospecting of Natural Products

Semester 3

The course includes the follows topics:

  • Biological diversity, structural diversity and biological activity of natural products from marine, plant and animal life; 
  • Main classes of natural products and main biosynthetic pathways; 
  • Prospecting bioactive compounds from natural resources; 
  • Evaluation of biological activity in vitro and in vivo; 
  • Toxicity; 
  • Use of natural products in medicine, veterinary, agriculture, food industry, environment and cosmetics; 
  • Examples of processes for the production of biologically active natural products by biotechnological methods; 
  • Examples of new pharmaceutical products derived from natural products at various stages of clinical development and commercialisation;
  • Examples from naturally derived compounds for potential bioactivity will be studied, namely compounds with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-fungal and/or anti-tumour activity, anti-thrombotic, and anti-obesity activities, as well as drugs for cardiovascular system and central nervous system.
  • Over-exploitation of natural resources and the role of biotechnology in the sustainability of their exploitation; 
  • Regulation and biosafety.

Final Competencies

1  Recognise the importance of natural products in the current scenery.

2  Recognise the importance that the discovery of new natural products can have in areas such as medicine, veterinary, agriculture, food industry, environment and cosmetics.

3  Know the main research methodologies used in bioprospecting natural products.

4  To know examples of production processes of biologically active natural products by biotechnological methods.

5  Develop skills of application, analysis and synthesis of knowledge. 6  To develop student competencies such as deep mastery of challenging content, critical thinking, complex problem-solving, effective communication and collaboration, and self direction.


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