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Innovation and Entrepreneurship in biotechnology: from science to business

Semester 3

Course Contents

  • Creativity and methodologies of innovation
  • Bio business strategy
  • Starting up a business: options, licensing, strategic alliance, spinouts, start-ups
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship in biotechnology.

Final Competencies

1  Entrepreneurship skills, including increased capability to start a biotech business.

2  The capacity to recognise the commercial opportunities opened by new biological discoveries.

3  The ability to look at pressing problems from the perspective that these may have a biotechnological solution.

4  The anchoring of transversal skills in communication, team work, project management.

5  The importance of the interactions between teaching-research-entrepreneurship and the concept of ecosystem of innovation.

6  The importance of IP and scientific and technological survey.

7  The need for developing professional networks.


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