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Fish & Shellfish Immunology

Semester 3


The course aims at providing a detailed overview on the immunology of fish and shellfish.

Course Contents

  1.   History of immunology
  2.   Antigens
  3.   Immune organs of fish
  4.   Inflammation
  5.  Innate immunity
  6.   Key cells
  7.   Cell based innate immune sensing fish
  8.   Cellular effectors in fish
  9.   Humoral-based immune sensing in fish
  10.   Cytokines and chemokines
  11.   MHC in fish
  12.   Ag presentation
  13.   T cell response in fish
  14.   Immunoglobulines of fish
  15.   B cell response in fish
  16.   Hemocytes in shellfish and tissues of their immune system
  17.   PRR of shellfish
  18.   ProPO in shellfish
  19.   Coagulation in shellfish
  20.   Anti-viral mechanisms in shellfish.


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