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Fish & Shellfish Immunology

Semester 3
1 History of immunology
2 Antigens
3 Organs of the immune system in the fish
4 The inflammatory response
5 Innate immunity
6 Cells of the innate immune system
7 PRRs of the fish
8 Cellular effectors of the innate immune system of the fish
9 Congenital immunity: the complement system
10 Cytokines and chemokines
11 MHC of the fish
12 Antigen presentation
13 T-cell mediated immunity in the fish
14 Fish immunoglobulins
15 B cell response in fish
16 Hemocytes in crustaceans and immune organanes from crustaceans
17 PRRs in shellfish
18 The proPO system in crustaceans
19 Coagulation in shellfish
20 Anti-viral mechanisms in crustaceans